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Customer Testimonials

Here at CordBands, we love to get emails from our customers:

From Pam, November 6, 2015

From Scott, November 2,  2015

I love my rosary, I am a contractor and keep it with me in a rough environment daily and have no worries of it breaking. Looks great and it works!


From Rick D, Sept. 12,  2015

Thanks so much for the Rosary Beads - they are great in function, style and quality!  Was looking for a rosary to take in my hiking pack...these are perfect because the don't get tangled.
Yesterday, Sept. 11, I was grateful to be able to carry The Colors to the top of Mt Liberty and to spend some peaceful time in prayer there...thanks again for the wonderful product and service!

Rick Dxxxxxx
Pepperell, MA

From Gwyn K, Aug. 8, 2015

"Best Rosary for Men
Over the past 4 years, I've gone through about 10 rosaries and prayer ropes in both Roman rite and Eastern rite styles, looking for the "right one." My Aztec Paracord rosary has ended the search. The long length and the large beads make the rosary seem suited for a man, especially a guy like me with big hands. The beads move so easily and naturally through my fingers. The crucifix is of good quality, though light. That's one surprising thing about the rosary -- in spite of its size, it is very light. I strongly recommend Rugged Rosaries.


From David, July 22, 2015

I absolutely love this little rosary! Its small enough to fit with my keys, in my pocket or on my belt loop. It fits perfectly around my pointer finger so praying it will be a piece of cake and the feel of the flat black beads is right on! I will continue to support and advertise to my friends Cordbands! You guys ROCK!! Thank you for doing what you do and doing it with exceptional quality!"

Tactical Pocket Rosary


From Drew H, June 21, 2015

"I want you to know how incredibly happy that I am with the rosary that I purchased. From the pictures, I was optimistic about what I was buying, but it surpassed my expectations. It is so beautiful! As a "cradle Catholic," I've always known the importance of the rosary, but only until last Lent have I been saying it daily. It's changed my life. I've had many rosaries break from daily carry, which lead me to you. I happened upon your website, and I'm so impressed. The product, idea, and mission are awesome. I've followed you on Twitter and Facebook, and I have nothing but good things to say. I'm sure that this will not be my last transaction with you. Thank you and God Bless."



From Michael Q., June 7, 2015

"Fantastic purchase. I have the pocket Rosary too. Rugged, because I'm hard on them, lightweight, because I always have them with me. Good Looking. Good people at CordBands also. They noticed I had placed two separate to the same address, so they shipped them together and refunded me the freight. Quick and helpful response to an email from me. I wish them all success.










From David B., May 11, 2015


    I received my rosary Saturday and had it blessed Sunday after Mass. I am truly grateful for the beautiful work you do at CordBands. I am a true and devoted lover of the holy rosary and I pray it daily. I have had issues in the past with my rosaries breaking because they are fragile. This is not the case with the 550 Para cord rosary’s  that you manufacture. I absolutely love them and I will always be a supporter and fan of Cordband Rosary’s. Our lady will bless all of you for your work and your beautiful heart felt labor that goes into making a” Weapon” that I can use to honor our lord and our lady. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do. I could not be happier with my Rosary.

God Bless you,

           Dave B." 


 From John S., April 8, 2015

"I just received my rosary from your company and wanted to waste no time saying 'Thank you so very much'. It is absolutely beautiful and I will cherish it for a long time to come. Thank you again for the beautiful work you do." 


From Kathleen S., March 6, 2015:

"I happily ordered and received one of your rosaries recently.  I love it... will probably eventually own one of every color and style you make.  Very beautiful work."


From Wallace H., January 5, 2015:

"Received my rosary today and am delighted. It is beautiful, rugged and very masculine! Will go well on hiking trips for years to come. God willing! Thank you so much

Wallace H."


From Rachel J., December 9, 2014:

"Hi there Shannon, 
I just got my order of the black rosary with the Benedict metal crucifix, and it is awesome. I feel like this will never fall apart. I also appreciate the fast delivery. I'll definitely be purchasing again in the future. Keep up the great work! :)


From Thomas R., Sept. 23, 2014:
"Thank you very much I was much surprised and pleased by the size of the rosary which cannot be appreciated by the pics online . Wow! What a beautiful and masculine rosary, and the color I got was awesome! Thanks again for a quality product.
God bless,









From Deacon Todd W. on August 23rd, 2014:


"I just received my Outdoors paracord rosary and key fobs - amazing service, I was shocked they were here already today! 
The quality and appearance is beautiful - I have been looking for a rugged rosary for camping and that I can throw in my pocket without worrying about it falling apart - your rugged rosary meets and exceeds my expectations.
Thanks for the great service and the beautiful rosary and fobs.
God Bless You and your work!
Pax Christi Vobisum
Deacon Todd W."


From Justin S. on June 9th, 2014:


"I received my rosary and keychain last Friday and I love them!  Love the colors and the unique medals and the manliness of it all.  A unique and blessed form of art.  Thank you!



From a customer on March 10, 2014 who wanted an order fast before her nephew deployed overseas:


"Hi Shannon,
 I wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with my order, and for doing business with you.
The rosary beads are just beautiful and the cross bracelets are amazing looking and so unique in style; both products had exceeded my expectations, in terms of your quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Most importantly, I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for your diligence in making sure that I received my order in time, and for paying the additional postage... I am still speechless!!  I can't tell you how much it meant for me to, to have the opportunity to give my nephew his rosary, and his immediate family the bracelets in his honor, before he left.  All of them were so pleased and delighted, so I thank you for 'going the extra mile,' in order to make that happen.
It's so nice to see that practicing a good, old-fashioned work ethic is not a thing of the past!
Please know that I have been speaking of your products and customer service in very high regard, and I will continue to do so.  I'm certain that you will be hearing from me again :) 
Thanks again!
Christine W."


From a customer who wanted a special color of combat paracord rosary:


I would love to have the combat rosary in the OD-Green color. Number 4 on the color chart. How Do I go about ordering it. I don't know if my information is still on file, but I ordered a coyote brown one a couple days ago.
Thank you for all your help. I got my coyote Brown rosary yesterday and it was even better then I thought.   



From a customer who wanted a specially knotted blue and black law enforcement themed Rosary: 

"I received my new Rosary in the mail today, and it is absolutely perfect! And I must agree with you that the black crucifix works very well with your modified design. This is a Rosary that I know I will use for a long, long time without worrying about it falling apart on me. I am truly blessed and thankful to the Lord for having found your website and for your willingness to make a special Rosary just for me!"

-- Michael S., July 6, 2013


Mary L. liked our pink paracord rosary and requested that I make one with a few changes for her, which of course we did. We always try to accommodate any special requests from our customers.

"I received it and I love it!  Can you make another rosary like mine with same beads in solid neon pink paracord? (My daughter was asking me…) "

-- Mary L., May 18, 2013


"I just found your site and I was wondering if you couldovernight a rosary to me. My nephew's first communion is this weekend and your combat rosary would be the perfect gift for him. If this is possible please let me know. I need it by Saturday. Thank You!"

-- David S., May 2, 2013

(( and of course we were able to get him what he wanted in time!))




Sometimes customers will suggest an idea:


"I love your products and was instanty drawn to the "Paracord Rosary".  I have an idea for you and I'll bet you'd sell a few as well!  I'd LOVE to have a few of the Paracord Rosary but set up as an "Auto Rosary" (you hang it from your rear view mirror).  It is the length of one "decade" on the Rosary.  
Would you be willing to make a few for me?"

-- Scott, January 5, 2013




Please email Shannon at if you need a custom rosary or if you have something to say about one of the products. We would love to hear from you.
~  Shannon at CordBands


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