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Rugged Beads

Dear Friends, 

This page is all about our beads.  Many people ask where we buy our beads because they are very hard to find in craft stores.  The reason they can't be found in the craft stores is because we have our beads custom made in our military inspired colors exclusively for Rugged Rosaries®.  Most of our beads are made of a strong acrylic resin, which has proven much more resistant to breakage than wooden beads and lighter in weight than metal alloy. 

If you want a bead with the feel of highly sanded wood, then you should pick something which uses our matte black or matte brown beads. If you like the look of well worn metal, then you should choose our antique metallic colors in either brass (bronze) or copper. The glossy black or gun metal silver beads will give you a fresher look. 

The skull beads which we use on our Memento Mori Rosaries are made of steel alloy with antiqued plated baked on colors. 

We do NOT sell the beads separately.

Thank you!

  1. Matte Black
  2. Rustic Antiqued Brass (Bronze)
  3. Matte Brown
  4. Rustic Antiqued Copper
  5. Glossy Black
  6. Gun Metal Silver
  7. Rustic Antiqued Brass (Bronze) Skull
  8. Rustic Antiqued Copper Skull
  9. Antiqued Silver Skull

New to our bead offerings are the all "Heavy Metal" collection of all metal alloy beads.  These beads are a solid metal alloy, nickel free and lead free, and come in Gun Metal Gray, Copper, Antiqued Silver, and Antiqued Brass/Bronze.  They are much smaller than the original resin beads, and so a rosary made with these beads is more compact, and not long enough to wear around your neck. 

Even though they are smaller beads, they have a heavier and more substantial feel.  Very tough and unbreakable.  I think it would take a sledgehammer to break one!  

All our beads are extremely strong and tough, and we back all our products with a complete money back guarantee. 

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