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2017 Crucifixes

We try to constantly find the best and most unique crucifixes from around the globe. Here we have our current line up, some old favorites that we always try to keep in stock, and some new and unique offerings. 

The crucifixes pictured below are all appropriate for the Original Paracord Rosaries. 

2017 Paracord Rosary

1. Crown Of Thorns Crucifix: Customer Favorite! 2.5 inches

2. Relic Crucifix with mud from Roman catacombs of the martyrs. 2.5 inches

3. Tri-budded Black Enameled Crucifix 2.25 inches

4. Stations of the Cross Crucifix 2.5 inches (Limited Quantities)

5. Large Bronze finish St. Benedict Crucifix 3 inches

6, 7, and 8. Holy Trinity Crucifix, Large, 3 inches, in 3 finishes:

            6.  Gun Metal Silver (Very Limited Quantities)

            7.  Bronze Finish

            8.  New! Copper Finish

Celtic Crucifixes 2017

9.  Rustic dual sided Celtic Crucifix in Bronze finish 2.25 inches

10. Rustic dual sided Celtic Crucifix in Antique Silver 2.25 inches

11. Medieval Irish Catholic Cross in Rustic Copper Finish 2.75 inches

12. Medieval Irish Catholic Cross in Antique Silver 2.75 inches

13. Pardon Indulgence Crucifix in Silver finish 2.125 inches

14. Pardon Indulgence Crucifix in Antique Brass finish 2.125 inches

15. Pardon Indulgence Crucifix in Gun Metal Gray finish 2.125 inches

16. Triple Threat Crucifix in Silver Finish 2.25 inches

17. Triple Threat™ Crucifix in Antique Brass finish 2.25 inches


2017 Smaller Crucifixes 

18. Small Lightweight Budded Crucifix in Rustic Silver finish 2 inches

19. Small Lightweight Budded Crucifix in Bronze finish - 2 inches

20. Simple St. Benedict Crucifix  2.25 inches

21. Flared St. Benedict Crucifix   2.25 inches   (Limited Quantities)

22. Smaller Flared Framed St. Benedict Crucifix 2 inches  (Limited Quantities)

23. Small Holy Trinity Crucifix in Silver Finish  2 inches  (Limited Quantities)

24. Knights Templar Cross (Very nice quality - rare and unique)

25. Irish Penal Symbolic Crucifix   2.125 inches

26. Lightweight Stainless Steel Fleurie Cross  2.25 inches

27. Bold Plain Cross in Silver Finish 2.25 inches

28. Bold Plain Cross in Bronze Finish 2.25 inches

29. Small Budded Black Crucifix  2 inches

30. Small St. James Crucifix 1.75 inches (Limited quantities)

Not pictured: Small Gun Metal Black St. Benedict Flared Crucifix 1.5 inches

Unique Pectoral Crucifixes


Presenting our unique pectoral crucifixes  (There is a $5.00 add-on fee for these).

31. Lead-free Pewter Tri Budded Symbol Crucifix 4.75 inches - a beautiful, rustic Tri-budded lead-free pewter crucifix with nice detail, unique and hard to find. 

32. SOLD OUT Temporarily. Large Black Enameled St. Benedict Crucifix  4.5 inches 

33. Large Rustic Alpha Omega Crucifix 4.75 inches  - an ancient design, very rustic, with a relief of Mary on the reverse side, made of lead-free pewter alloy. A very rare, unique and unusual design. Contains the Alpha and Omega symbols for God and Christ, and the symbol for the earth at the foot and heaven at the top. 


34. San Damiano in Antique Silver Ox  2.5 inches (Limited Quantities)

35. Large Black Enameled St. Benedict Crucifix (Very Limited Quantities)

36. Nun's Crucifix with Skull and Crossbones, Black Inlay (Limited Quantities)

37. Modern Crucifix 2.25 inches (Limited Quantities)

38. SOLD OUT - Large San Damiano Crucifix in Bronze Finish 3 inches.






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