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WWI Military Battle Beads Rosary

Many of our customers have asked for a smaller, more portable, more traditional rosary that is still strong, rugged, and masculine, so HERE IT IS!  The WWI Military Battle Beads™ are replicas of the original 1916 WWI Service Rosaries handed out to soldiers, sailors, and flying aces in WWI.  They are rugged, masculine, and portable, with a meaningful history, and they won't knot up or break apart.


WWI Service Rosary

The original WWI Service Rosaries were produced beginning in 1916 and today are extremely collectable and valuable.  They were made from "pull chain" ball chain beading with varying sized beads to represent the rosary. Here are some images we found on from listings for these antique service rosaries. They sell anywhere from $150 to over $300. 


The original rosary was made of brass and plated with a silver wash. On many of the surviving rosaries, the silver color has worn away, revealing the brassy color of the metal.  The centerpiece was one that depicts Our Lady in different medals, and there were several varieties of crucifixes attached.  Sometimes, when you find one of these originals, the crucifix will have been replaced.


WWI Military Battle Beads Rosary

Our version of these awesome rosaries is the WWI Military Battle Beads™ Rosary.  It uses very sturdy and strong stainless steel pull chain. Yes, this is the same type of chain construction used for military dog tags.  

We assemble each rosary by hand with the centerpieces and crucifixes right here in our Rugged Rosary workshop.  And just as in our paracord rosaries, we use very strong split rings instead of jump rings for attaching your crucifix and medals.  A jump ring can equal a lost crucifix, so we never use jump rings.




Please do not confuse the WWI Military Battle Beads with the so called "Ball Chain" rosaries made in China.  In the close up comparison photos below, you can see the difference in the chain.  The Chinese version of these are so weak that a slight pull breaks them immediately.  We hand assemble the Battle Beads here at our Rugged Rosaries workshop in Modesto, California using very strong, quality pull chain, super strong split rings, and quality Italian imported centerpieces and crucifixes.


Close up of the strong type of ball chain that we use:

Rugged, Masculine, Portable

If you are looking for a rugged, masculine, and portable rosary, with a meaningful history, that won't knot up or break apart, this is the rosary for you. As with all Rugged Rosaries, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.



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