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Custom Rosaries

Custom Paracord Rosary Order Guidelines 

Because rosaries are such a personal and special possession, we want our customers to have the exact rosary they want and need.  All of the materials we use on our standard styles listed on the website may be mixed and matched to create your own one-of-a-kind rosary.

We also can fashion any of our styles into a different configuration for you, such as a particular chaplet, Seven Sorrows, Stations of the Cross, Chotki, 10, 15, 20 decade rosaries, Anglican, etc.  Email

If you scroll down, you'll see info on the paracord colors and links to information about crucifixes and beads.

Simple Changes:

To order your very own custom rosary, you will need to pick your desired style listed on the website. After you've added your favorite style to your cart and any optional medals you want, it's time to request your custom order. On the shopping cart page, you will see a box labeled "Order Note".  There, you can request simple changes such as: 

  • Different color paracord
  • Different Crucifix
  • Different Beads

More Elaborate Designs:

If your request is more elaborate, such as a different configuration, a chaplet, more decades, or some other ideas, you will need to instead email us at with your ideas and we will get back to you promptly. 

Take a look at our Photo Galleries under the INFO tab on the menu, and you can browse sample custom rosaries we have done in the past. 

If you need a rosary diagram to get you started it can be downloaded here:  Rosary Diagram

For information about all knotted rosaries, click here:  Knotted Rosaries

For information about 10, 15 or 20 decade rosaries, click here:  Fifteen and Twenty Decade Rosaries



  • Custom Rosaries with the standard five decades are $42.99.
  • Custom pocket one-decade rosaries start at 19.99.
  • Optional medals can be added to any of our rosary styles for $4.00 each.
  • 10, 15, 20 decade rosaries will cost more
  • All knotted rosaries start at $54.99



Please allow 2 weeks for us to complete your custom order + one week for shipping.  These times can vary depending on the time of year, holiday seasons, or other circumstances, so it's always best to order your custom as early as possible!

Paracord Colors for 2017:

    This image property of CordBands LLC, Copyright © 2017

    1. Jet Black
    2. Graphite
    3. Acid Brown
    4. Coyote Brown (Khaki)
    5. OD Olive Drab
    6. Rattlesnake
    7. Multicam Camo
    8. Woodland Camo
    9. ACU Camo
    10. Viper
    11. Red/Black
    12. Thin Red Line
    13. Burgundy
    14. Regal Red
    15. Racing Stripe Red
    16. Acid Blue
    17. Thin Blue Line
    18. Blue/Black
    19. Oceanic
    20. Turquoise/Black
    21. Arctic Camo
    22. Smoke
    23. Hunter Green
    24. Zombie Green
    25. Moss Green Stripe
    26. Undercover Spy
    27. Purple Diamonds
    28. Pink/Black
    29. Thin Pink Line
    30. Tuxedo Silver/Black



      Please see our special Crucifixes page by Clicking HERE.



      Information about our medallions can be found by Clicking HERE.

      Note: Styles are subject to change due to supplier availability.



      Our custom made beads in military inspired colors:

      IMPORTANT: Please read the notes about beads below the photo.


      Resin Beads:

      1. Matte Brown
      2. Matte Dark Red
      3. Rustic Copper
      4. Cracked Ivory
      5. NEW! Matte Blue
      6. Gun Metal Silver
      7. Rustic Antiqued Bronze
      8. Glossy Black
      9. Matte Black
      10. NEW! Smokey Transparent

      All-Metal Alloy Beads: 

            11. Copper finish (temp out of stock until June)
            12. Bronze finish
            13. Gunmetal Gray 
            14. Antique Silver
            15. Gold (Very limited - For use as Our Father)*

      All-Metal Skull Beads - May not use for the decade beads... only for single accent or Our Father beads:

      16. Copper finish
      17. Antique Silver finish
      18. Bronze finish
      19. Gunmetal Black finish
      20. Gold (Very limited, Very Blingy!)*
      New! Metal Accent beads.  Limited Supply.  Great for use as Our Father Beads. May not be used for decade beads. Thank you!
      21. Silver Finish Cross Barrel Bead
      22. Bronze Finish Cross Cube
      23. Silver Finish Cross Cube


      We have an information page for our beads here: All About the Beads





      1. Regular Drop - Large knots serve as Our Father

      2. Traditional Drop

      3. Compact Drop

      4. Franciscan Crown Drop

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