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FAQs - Product Questions

What is paracord?

Paracord is nylon parachute cord. It was first used to hold the parachutes of paratroopers in WWII.  It's a nylon cord that has been used in the military for general utility applications since the 1940's.  It's made of an outer woven sheath (in many color choices) and 7 inner twisted nylon strands. It's sometimes referred to as 550 cord because it has a minimum breaking strength of 550 lbs. It is pliable, has a slight stretch, is mildew and water resistant, and is VERY strong. The diameter of the paracord we use is between 3mm and 4mm. We do not "gut" or remove the inner strands so you get the full strength of the paracord in your rugged rosary. 



Can I wear my rosary around my neck? 

We do not make our rosaries to be worn, however, we know many of our customers wear them. Almost all of our 5 decade rosaries can be worn. If the style is too small to fit over your head, we will tell you that in the description of the rosary. Some men have an extra large hat size and if that is the case, you can request your rosary to be made extra long in the "Order Note" box on the shopping cart page. We will add just enough extra slack in the decades to add 2 more inches to the diameter of the rosary so that it will definitely fit over your head. 

Please know that rosaries should not be worn as a fashion item.  Rosaries, even rugged rosaries made of paracord, should be handled reverently and worn only prayerfully and as a reminder of faith.

Absolutely do not allow a small child to wear a paracord rosary.  They do not "break away" if they were to get hooked on something. 

DO NOT wear a paracord rosary when working with machinery or other dangerous physical activity where the rosary could become entangled.  Use common sense!


Where do you get your beads? 

This is the most common question we get asked.  Company policy does not allow us to publish the source of our beads, however, we can tell you that our beads are custom designed and manufactured exclusively for Rugged Rosaries® in our military inspired colors. We order hundreds of thousands of them at time! We do not use the breakable pony beads seen in craft stores.


Where do you get your Crucifixes and Medals? 

We try to offer a very good assortment of unique crucifixes along with a few more popular styles such as a Pardon Indulgence crucifix and St. Benedict crucifix. Most of our crucifixes are imported from Italy but some also come from Germany and Brazil.  Almost all of our patron saint medals are from Italy.


How long are the rosaries? 

Because all the rosaries are hand crafted by 3 to 4 rosary makers on any given day, there is a slight variation in lengths of the rosaries (up to 1 inch). However, we strive to make length and spacing as uniform as possible and we think we do a pretty good job. 

The overall length of the rosary styles which have a large knot for the "Our Father" or pater bead is 20 inches. On styles which have an actual bead for the "Our Father", the rosary is a little longer at 21.5 inches.  Again, this is just a general guide as there will be variations because of the hand made nature of the rosaries.

We can adjust the length to make it slightly shorter or longer by changing the amount of slack among the ave or decade beads.  Normally we leave about 1 bead width of movement to slide the bead as it is prayed but can add more slack in each decade or in the center decade. Customers can leave special instructions for this in the "Order Note" box of the shopping cart page. 


Are Rugged Rosaries® already blessed? 

No. If you wish to have your rosary blessed, you will have to get that done after you receive it. We do not believe that a blessed item should be sold as profits should not be made on a sacramental item. Also, when we receive a returned rosary, we will not resell it, but will instead donate it to our local church or military chaplain.


Is my rosary waterproof? 

In a word, yes.  However, if your rosary is dunked in water, it is best to let it dry in a cool environment to prevent minor shrinkage.  Heated wet paracord will shrink slightly.  We had a customer which had his rosary blessed by his priest and the priest dropped the rosary completely into the holy water and it was soaked.  When he then left and placed his wet rosary in the car, it baked in the hot sun and shrunk causing the spacing between the beads to become slightly shorter. If anything like this happens to your rosary, we will be glad to retie it for you.


    There is a tiny melted spot on the side of one of the knots on my rosary. What is that?

    Because parachute cord gets it strength and color designs from multiple strands of nylon, any cut end can fray. Therefore, we incorporate cut ends into knotted areas of the product and then singe the cut end thus giving the product extra strength against pulling apart and also to prevent unraveling at the cut end. All of our products  are created with a single long length of paracord to eliminate as many raw end points as possible.


    How is my order packaged?

    We use jute burlap bags for wrapping your rosary or other item. We don't think little pastel velvet bags are very manly, and cardboard boxes are boring, so we start with a burlap drawstring carry pouch, add your purchase, add a little extra surprise, and bubble wrap it before inserting it into a padded shipping envelope or small shipping box.


    Can you make a custom rosary for me?

    YES! We want every customer to have the exact rosary they want and need, however, please remember that our rosaries are all made with paracord.  We do not make jewelry style linked rosaries. If you want a different style of paracord rosary, perhaps a chaplet or an Anglican style, we are happy to make whatever you desire.  There are simply so many styles of rosaries that we can't offer them all in our store so we try to keep it simple. But we love making custom rosaries for our customers and do it regularly. We have quite a few styles of crosses and crucifixes (many not shown on our website) and can get just about any color of paracord you can think of. Please visit our custom rosary info page here.


    Do you sell products to wholesalers?

    At this time we only sell our products through our website. Occasionally we will put products up for auction on as well.  Our long term goal is to get our products in retail locations or on other online retailers but this is unlikely to happen in 2015. Please follow us on facebook at to stay informed.


    What is the Rugged Rosaries® RRR Guarantee?
    Rugged Rosaries offers a 90 day R-R-R guarantee:

    R - Replace
    R - Repair
    R - Refund

    The RRR Guarantee offers protection for your rosary against defects and breakage. If you have an issue with your rosary, you can request an “R” of your choice. We will replace, repair, or refund your rosary if it breaks within 90 days of purchase.

    If you have any problems with your rosary, please contact us at

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