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Irish Blessings Rosary

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  • Irish Blessings Rosary
  • Irish Rosary
  • Celtic Rosary
  • Unity Rosaries
  • catholic milestones
  • Irish Blessings Rosary
  • Irish Blessings Rosary
  • Irish Blessings Rosary
  • Men's Rosary Beads
  • Gorgeous and Unique Rosary
  • Genuine military grade 550 paracord 
  • All Metal Rustic Antique Silver finished beads
  • Early 6th Century Irish Catholic Cross 
  • Cross has Silver finish and symbols of Holy Spirit, Holy Chalice
  • Tight, Even, Celtic knotting
  • Split rings for added strength
  • Optional medals may be added
  • Includes a drawstring carry pouch 

This Irish cross design was taken from a large stone cross found at an ancient monastic site in County Wicklow, on the Eastern edge of Ireland. The Glendalough Monastery was founded by St. Kevin in the late 6th century, during a time when Catholicism was just beginning to emerge in Ireland.  There are many legends surrounding St. Kevin and his order of monks. It's a beautiful cross with symbols for the Holy Spirit and the Holy Chalice of the Eucharist.

Note: This rosary is big enough for most people to wear.  If you wear a very large hat size and want to wear this rosary around your neck, please ask for "Extra Long" in the order notes box of the shopping cart page and we will add a little bit more space. Thank you.