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Memento Mori Skull Rosary

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  • Memento Mori Skull Rosary
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  • Memento Mori Skull Rosary
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“Fear the Day of Judgment: be in dread of hell. Ardently desire everlasting life with deep spiritual longing. Keep death daily before your eyes (Rule Of Benedict 4: 44-47).”

“Memento Mori” translates from the Latin to “Remember that you shall die”. It reminds you of the rite you hear when ashes are smudged in a cross upon your forehead for Ash Wednesday:  “Remember Man that thou are dust and unto dust thou shall return."  Skull rosaries date back to the late middle ages! 

Our Memento Mori Skull Paracord Rosary has 4 skulls between the decades as the reminder to us all that we are mortal.  Also, a nice reminder to go to confession!

  • Genuine 550 Military Grade Paracord 
  • Quality Italian Pardon Crucifixes
  • Celtic knotting
  • Glossy Black Resin Beads
  • Metal Skull Beads
  • Split rings for added Strength
  • Includes a Rugged Rosaries drawstring carry pouch