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WW I Battle Beads™ - Passion Crown of Thorns

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  • Militant Rosary - WWI 1916 Rosary Replica, WW1
  • Church Militant WWI Battle Beads, Combat Rosary
  • WWI Replica Rosary - Soldier Rosary
  • Church Militant WWI Battle Beads
  • Historical 1916 WWI Service Rosary design
  • Italian Silver finish Passion Crown of Thorns Crucifix
  • Italian Holy Family centerpiece
  • New! Stronger construction
  • New! Stainless Steel pull chain beads that do not rust
  • Split rings for strength = no lost Crucifix
  • Optional medals may be added (up to 4)
  • Includes a black zippered leatherette rosary pouch


This compact all metal rosary is rugged, functional, and portable.  It has a meaningful history, as it is a reproduction of the service rosaries issued by the government to soldiers, sailors, and flying aces during WWI, hence the name.

The original WWI Service Rosaries are highly sought after by collectors today. The fact that many of the vintage service rosaries still exist after being carried in battle is testimony to their ruggedness.  We have faithfully duplicated these great rosaries with the same type of chain used in dog tags.  We also use split rings instead of jump rings for a stronger and safer attachment between crucifix and chain. 

These rosaries are quite strong, do not tangle, are small and portable, and very easy to carry in your pocket. We continue to improve the quality and so now the beads on our chain are 100% Stainless Steel and twice as strong as our old version. The beads do not rust, are non-allergenic, and non-magnetic. 

At 21" long, they can still be worn around your neck under your shirt.  We designed these specifically for our customers who wanted a smaller, functional and rugged rosary.

Our Battle Beads have a Holy Family centerpiece, an Italian Passion Crucifix, and come in a traditional silver finish.

Although the WWI Battle Beads™ rosary is rugged enough to carry in your pocket, we do include a zippered pouch for extra protection or storage.

As with all our rosaries, you may add optional medals. We recommend only adding up to 4. Some of our photos show an optional medal attached. 

You can read more about the antique WWI service rosary HERE.

Thank you for shopping and God Bless.